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From Now to Next

I’m Erica Rooney.  Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach & Consultant, Chief People Officer, C-Suite "whisperer", wife, momma,  and fitness fanatic.


As the Gender Equality Crusader, I challenge organizations to level up their equity game, and I empower women to get seen, get heard, and get promoted.


Glass Ceilings and Sticky Floors

We often fail to operate at our highest level of potential - stuck on the speedy hamster wheel - dashing back and forth between never-ending priorities at work, the demanding needs of our kids and family, and everyday life - and we break down before we can break through the glass ceilings around us - not because we aren't capable, but because we get caught up in our own sticky floors. I'm on a mission to change that.


A sticky floor can be limiting beliefs such as "I’m not as qualified as everyone else" or "I'm tall enough, thin enough, or pretty enough" to toxic behaviors (Hello, Wine Wednesdays!), and even systemic issues such as racism or sexism, or issues we deal with personally such as perfectionism, needing to "fit in", or worrying about what others think. 


I have my own story of a very sticky floor that kept me from being my best self - that kept me from confidence, success, and fulfillment. And I don't want anyone to feel that way. 


I want to help you free yourself from your own sticky floor and find the  confidence and courage to live a passionate, purposeful, and peaceful life.


What is your Sticky Floor?  Take the Quiz to Find out!

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